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the heat after midnight

The hills are on fire
Blazing the skies
Scorching the surface
To hide someone's lies
Three degree burns
Sting like a pinch
Three times a charm
When one can't resist
The heat after midnight
Breath it within
Hide in the dark
Like a coward who sinned
Inhale, Exhale
Know you're alive
Extinguish yourself
Let go of your pride
The bitter truth
Disguised by the fables
Can't roll the dice
When fate turns the tables
Show me no pity
Don't give me praise
And I'll rise above
When it all turns to flames

6 Feb 11

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Hi PF - you're into fiery metaphors here but honestly:  "three degree burns sting like a pinch" and "three times a charm when one can't resist"? This is rushed with awful reaching in so many lines to meet the rhyme schemes like L12, L15, L18, L19, L20 etc. The piece says little other  than you came up with the 'cool' title and tacked three ad hoc stanzas onto it with no real thread or message. Sorry but this needs a lot of TLC to work. mitch :-)
 — pdemitchell

Actually, I came up with the title after I wrote it, its a song not a poem
 — psychofemale