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he must've been chuckling
and i imagine him thinking
'though the boy doesn't know it,
he'll remember this meal'
the malerchucks farm
wasn't far from skunks misery road
purportedly most of the brothers
could kill a wild turkey with a slug
in from the cold of hunting deer
we ate cucumbers from smithsonian size jars
packed in dill they took two to uncap
you had to bite into them from the side

10 Feb 11

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L10 stands out for the Smithsonian-sized jars - the rest is a rich snapshot of a rural somewheres - needs some tinkerin' but not bad. Mitch :-)  
 — pdemitchell

yes. thanks.
 — hank

i like 'rich snapshot of a rural 'somewheres''. fantastic.
 — hank

it feels unfinished...but i like it
 — mandolyn

Love this one, Hank.  How have u been?  Are u on FB?
 — aforbing