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my 8 year old wrote this one

i am a pig
is a tiger

27 Feb 11

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why does your 8-year-old consider him/her self to be a pig?
 — unknown

this is awesome
 — unknown

my 7 year old wrote

i am a slug
war is
my father
 — unknown

so good.
 — Empty

 — unknown

8 yr olds are genius' in jango fett costumes
i love it.
 — mandolyn

they are his favorite animal, unknown. what's yours?

i love that he writes these little things on scraps of paper and leaves them around. i like finding them.
 — noodleman

please post more, noodleman. Don't merely hit and run.
 — unknown

make a page for his poetry? :)
 — unknown

I've always found your writing startling and wonderful.
 — unknown

Looks like a poet in the makings!  Nice job raising him. ;)
 — Known

If this is indeed from an 8 year old, this is excellent insight.  
 — Isabelle5

 — unknown

Does he understand the depth of what hes saying? probably. this is great.
 — unknown

Gotta love the innocence that comes from kids, huh?  :-)
 — starr

Noodleman is tired of being nobleman.  All institutions crumble.
 — unknown

ya mean poodleman
 — unknown

i am a tooth
is a pair of pliers
 — unknown

haha!  very cute very cute.  (;
 — ducktape

haha. this is so cute. but very good for his age;)
 — horsegirl

I suppose poetry is a congenital affliction.
 — lysandre

i don't get it
 — nationscheer

lovely, I like this style! Tom
 — TomRiordan

wow. thats incredible. i sense that the child was comparing himself to a pig in the sense that he feels harmless yet there. and he views war as a malicious creature that stalks and kills. you should be very proud of your child.
 — unknown

Yay for your kid for being so progressive. Boo for people rating this the best stuff on this site. Sorry.
 — grneyeddevil

your kid's a far better poet than you are
 — unknown