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he died before the internet
therefore you won't find him
google is acetone to memories
lima beans, beets, chopped spinach
in a small side bowl with vinegar
and our veggies when she turned
his name graphically exists in the analog
of my more powerful than internet brain
on the tank of a blueish harley davidson
the cowl of a red steel snap-on toolchest
he could pound a cherished hearty knife
through deer pelvis with found forest object
he could demand a boy miss school
'you're coming with me today' ok!
he lived before the advent of the net
and no net grew around him but us
far gone, forgone before a search

The internet scrubs memories, paints facts.
for G.R.F

7 Mar 11

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I like this poem a lot! esp. L3.
I found L7-10 slow though. What are you getting at? It feels repetitive, not saying it IS but it feels that way...
Respect for a nice read though!
 — Known