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my bike is somewhere floating down the merced river

i was homeless in 1996
in the mountains,
where i had some friends
who let me sleep on their floor
my friends worked 10 hour shifts
and we would bake bread on their days off
but i had all day to myself,
waiting on human resources
to give me back my job
and fire someone else
i had a bike, until the flood hit
and most days i would hike
listening to the Cure,
ripping bark off pines
just to rattle the tree huggers
i'd see him every now and then
walking to the village–with her
sometimes they held hands, like teenagers
and he'd see me and smile
but his smile was always loud and in love
and i hated it

17 Mar 11

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nice one.
what about:

'but his smile was always phony as fuck
so i let her have him'
 — unknown

homeless in the mountains? awesome.
the cure? awesome.
hating boys? awesome.
tell me story? ty sweetheart.
 — antipoetry

if i said 'fuck'
i probably would.

and i did let her have him.
and have him she did.

 — mandolyn

lol @ antipoetry. i guess i know a little more about you now, don't i.
 — mandolyn

using the word awesome a lot? not so awesome.
 — antipoetry

p.s. i will think of a story to tell you back.
 — antipoetry

nice. i'll be waiting with a bag of hot flamin' cheetos. (baked)
 — mandolyn

lol awesome.
 — antipoetry

hello mandee,

i like your poem :-) i liked it the first time too.

maybe l17 might sound better as "sometimes holding hands like teenagers"

thanks for the read,
 — PollyReg

thanks polly.
nice suggestion-- i will consider it.

 — mandolyn

haha, not again!

i still have the same nits 'with her' and those commas.

but i liked it.
 — jenakajoffer

Great story.  Highlights: L8-9, L13-14, L19-20
Very realistic yet thoughtfully told.  Subtle images float along nicely, sorta like your bike ;) Thanks for sharing!  10 from me.
take care,
 — Known

thanks jen.
i went for the dash ;)

thanks known,
i miss that bike.

 — mandolyn

a mountain bike?
 — unknown

a unicycle
 — unknown

^^ yes, a mountain bike
 — mandolyn

what was "his" name? mountain mike?
 — unknown

I wish Reid would float out to sea peacefully and never come back again
Did you drown her in the river or did she go quietly after you bashed her teeth in.
This demands a sequel, hillbilly.

 — unknown

what a complete cunt you are Reid. go get a life.
 — unknown

What a douchebag.
 — unknown

YOU MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOT YOU NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
http://www.archive.org/details/WWII_News_19450506_Drew_Pea rson
 — unknown

you are quite a talented poet mandee :)
 — mr_e

Very cryptic. I think I would like to hear some elaboration.
 — Cerulise

thanks e-boy and cerulise (elboration would ela-BORE)

and mods, thanks for nothing.
 — mandolyn

that bike's starting to look pretty rusted. after dickwad vomited all over your thread
 — unknown

^ i concur
 — mandolyn

haha, A.T i just now saw your comment up there.
i spit my wacky tabacky at her and ruined her pretty little dress :)
 — mandolyn

you're a revolting person mandolyn. so uncouth. because of that remark, i'm now unable to eat my breakfast this morning.
 — unknown

^ hillbillies tend to be uncouth, i'm trying. i'm getting there. . .
 — mandolyn

'wacky tabacky' is slang for marijuana, if you want to know. ;)
where in the mountains were you homeless?
 — antipoetry

and besides all the spittin an stuff, she eats peanut booter too. just imagine, the uncouthness of that.
 — unknown

wacky tabacky means that eh? i was always told it meant 'chew' --hm. someone's been lyin to me all my life. but i guess that just means i am closer to being a hilly billy now than ever. :-)

antipoetry, it was yosemite. i miss it greatly.
 — mandolyn

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 — unknown

I typed in homeless on the poem list. Nice!
 — unknown

hey! you sure you weren't just browsing my page on facebook? i posted this one recently.

 — mandolyn

^YES, I DID!!! >:-DDDD
 — unknown

this is not a poem...this is prose.....
 — unknown