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Kitchen Floor Pythia

We knelt together
on our kitchen floor
hems of our nightgowns billowed
ends of our hair stirred
slats of the grate left marks
in our skinny young knees
when we perched over the vent.
A great beast waking,
the furnace came to life
beneath us
beneath the earth
(it seemed)
when the first cold days arrived
and we were oracles
crouched together above
Apollo's conquest.

25 Mar 11

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one of the better " first accidental/onpurpose masturbation/orgasm at an adolescent sleepover experience" poems. The female "urge" intensifies in the Summer/Fall transition, in order to give birth in the warmth of Spring/Summer. This ensures bio/envrironmentalogical statistical survival probabilities. I personally believe the extra nuclear heat generated within the first true energy reactor, heats not only futuremom, but also futurespermdonor on those 3 dog winter nights.

My chief complaint is that I just can't see ducks nesting on what probably is a linoleum kitchen floor (or least someother uninvitingly smooth surface.)

If I were author, I might consider using the first 2 lines to establish some sort of unique connection between these two young romantics, who ironically understand the classics at tender age.
 — unknown

I say we consult with Marilyn Monroe.
I say we consult with JFK while eating kentucky fried chicken.
I say we consult Einstein. (Notice the omission? Oh Octane!! where have you been? all my wifes?)

 — unknown

just broke a tooth on an a apricot'it
 — unknown

You do succeed in giving this "ordinary" scene full mythological stature! I enjoyed it a lot and will remember it. Tom
 — TomRiordan

might the author consider 'furnace' instead of central heating?
i agree with the unknown about ducks nesting on the lino.  
 — jenakajoffer

Thanks very much for the suggestions. I'll think about the nest situation and maybe come up with something to better evoke the image I was looking for. I'm very interested to see how this piece seemed to have come across. This was meant to be innocent, just a memory of my sister and I standing over the furnace vent in our nightgowns the first time my mother turned the thermostat on in the winter, haha.
 — Rynne

I made some pretty significant changes. Thanks very much for the feedback.
 — Rynne

oooh really wonderful . .. . fantastically multidimensional leaping off of well worked central heating image. yes thanks.
 — Clara

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