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the sun is shining very bright today
i can finally, and joyfully pee outside
the sun suggests that not all needs
need doing within one revolution
the sun erases previous importance
shows all as an illuminated menial task
put my hearts on the grill today
and the sun'll provide the celery

19 Apr 11

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damn good hank
 — antipoetry

thanks. sun helped.
 — hank

nice photo.
 — hank

Nice poem. Maybe L8 might be: and the sun'll will provide the celery

Idk...i just love the title is all lol
 — Known

nice poem, especially the celery part.
 — jenakajoffer

i like sun'll
and L2 is the best
 — mandolyn

glad that it erases the previous importance... thank God 4 that
 — aforbing