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Mrs S. stood up like a raw, rough, one carat diamond,
tough, soured and bodily fluid.
Thorn among flowers, waving a billet doux,
she’d not seem out of place down “Gin Lane.”
Adrift, squiffy, “I speak the truth,”
she sailed on a whoosy sea of badinage,
full powered, showering footlights with innuendo,
“I tread on the bored” expelling a lung full of stage door dust,
wary of fresh air.
An applauding audience could barely credit her.
“Amontillado? Don’t mind if I do.”
“A very little sip keeps me in my cups, dearie poo.”
She embodied the abandonment
of one left at birth on the charity mission step.
Ebbing, flowing, a perplexing wreck,
projecting a comedy of errors,
face screwed like a worn out prune,
smelled vaguely of stagnant pools.
Then she was gone,
followed on by an ill choreographed chorus
of hoofers, silk clad, swirling, clumsy,
across the star struck stage.
mocked and falling flat.

24 Apr 11

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Hi Sir Larry of the passerine alaudidae - a 10 just for the adjacency of adrift and squiffy, ill-choreographed chorus and perplexing wreck (sounds like a firm of lawyers). Face screwed up in L17 reads better. I like well-done whimsy, me.  
 — pdemitchell

thanks pdemitchell your reply is succor to an old diamond geezers heart
 — larrylark

entertaining read.  nice wording and I like the use of 'bodily fluid' in 2.
 — JKWeb

I got into a bit of a sweat over that line JK
 — larrylark

I would never have gone so far as to describe Opal such as you have portrayed her. I always thought that she was quite nice in places, even though she occasionally left a wet patch.
 — unknown

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