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Grandad's Puzzle

They’d go to visit,
get out that old jigsaw puzzle,
complicate things by hiding the cover,
“Going in blind, one more time.”
each would say.
Or with half the pieces in
half out the box,
with a lucky dip, followed by a shake
till seventy five “join ups” were made
inside a ten centimetre square,
multiplied by the root of nowhere
then, dependent on his mood,
divided by a length of subterfuge.
It was returned to its secret place,
to be re-arranged at a later date,
when they’d forgotten where it was,
tucked away, inside the shade,
behind the egg nog.
But the pieces wore out,
and grandad was placed inside his box.
Though he was still loudly shouting
as the soil was thrown down,
“Its where blue sky and horizon interlock.”

29 Apr 11

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If you had been the off spring of my kids grnd dad youi would be "disturbed"

Larry odd bod lark
 — larrylark

I enjoyed this poem a great deal even though I was a bit lost during the math segment, haha...that's good!

I will suggest to calm down on the commas though, holy cow, it's labouring my breathing.

It is odd to see the spelling Granddad...I've only ever spelled it with one d (Grandad), I guess they both look a little odd if you stare at the words long enough.  Also, why say grandpa inside the poem if the title is granddad...I'd pick one name and stick with it.  makes it feel like farce.

nice mention of the egg nog. good poem, thanks
 — jenakajoffer

Thanks for the excellent suggestions jenakajoffer
 — larrylark

no prob larry :)

i didn't know this was yours.
 — jenakajoffer

Hi Jena My boys always did jigsaws when they visited their Grandad...he cheated at dominoes and crib and was always looking for ways to out maneouver them when putting the pieces together
 — larrylark

F'ing brilliant, Larry. Good to see you still got it.
 — unknown

Wopddya mean still got it?....I always had it and i always will

Larry liar Lark
 — larrylark