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my hands do not clasp

or grasp others
for strength
I have built
my own ramparts
and learned to walk
as a queen.

12 May 11

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the bible says a woman should submit to a man
 — unknown

When I was about 3, I was outside happily playing in the snow when arrives my older brother.  He handed me one of those metal thingies that you use to hold the clothesline together when it's really full and he told me that if I licked it, it would taste like ice cream because of the snow and cold.  Shortly after that I started thinking for myself.
 — sybarite

your brother told my sister kinda the same thing
but used a different noun
 — unknown

"As in all the congregations of the saints, women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission to men, as the Law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church.
Did the word of God originate with you? Or are you the only people it has reached?" (1 Cor. 14:33b-36 NIV). :)
 — unknown

1st unk--iffin ya knew how straight laced my older brother is....you'd be laughing at you too.

2nd unk--yeah, well the bible also tells me to poke out my eye with a sharp stick if it offends me...and I'm not goona sign up for the either.
 — sybarite

Learn your place to be a woman and be meek. I just want you to know God's grace and truth as I have known it. :)
 — unknown

first poster--you are shoving. try to relax.

i like this poem syb. it's fresh.
 — mandolyn

Thanks Mandolyn.  (methinks the unk is just trying to yank some chains)
 — sybarite

Dear unk.  I consulted with my god and she has suggested I decline your earnest offer as she has other fish for me to fry.  We thank you most kindly though.
 — sybarite

^ i was yanking back, kind of. i wonder who they are...
 — mandolyn

They seem a kind and earnest unk and fun to play with.
 — sybarite

God is not a woman :(
 — unknown

Are you sure?  Cause mine has boobies.
 — sybarite

Sybarite and Mandolyn
Don't you believe that women should be meek and submissive to their men?
'You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God'.1peter 3:4
Or are you not Christians? No disrespect, just curious.
 — unknown

Nay, I am not a Christian.
 — sybarite


my god!
has boobies
a big bootie and!
a mustache!!
 — funes

Your hands 'do not naturally fall to clasping', because you are a natural man and not a spiritual one. When you become born again, then it will come naturally. I don't mean to be judgmental at all, I just want you to know God's grace and truth like I do :)
 — unknown

Huh?  I'm not a man.
 — sybarite

Unless you mean 'man' in the sense of 'mankind'?  
 — sybarite

Yes, mankind. your not born again so you can't know the truth. someday you will though, just hope it isn't too late. God's grace and justice will rule. I want to share that. :)
 — unknown

Love it syb
^unk quit pushing your creepy shit on her?
 — antipoetry

to the unknown who addressed me up there somewhere ^^^

yes i do believe what those scriptures say. but i don't know why you are preaching at syb. you are dipping your toes in the wrong pond.
 — mandolyn

also...it's nice that you want others to know about God's grace but the way you represent yourself is only pushing others away. this is the main reason why people detest christians. if you truly care about sybarite you will e-mail her and talk to her without shoving your beliefs down her throat. there is a difference between shoving and setting down. and if someone refuses, let them refuse. do not continue on. but like i said .... what you are doing on this poem makes no sense...
 — mandolyn

^not pushing a thing, just sharing the gospel in love.
 — unknown

^ why don't you send me an e-mail and tell me who you are. i'd love to talk with you.
 — mandolyn

^I would like to encourage you to read the scriptures. I will pray for you also mandolyn. May god's truth find you in your life. :)
 — unknown

Dear Unk

Thank you for your interest in my spiritual well-being but I am already born.  Have been several times I am inclined to believe.  As for love, grace, and truth, well, these I already know.

I learned love in its purest and most perfect form when I held each of my daughters in my arms for the first time.  I learned grace when I left a man who was abusive to me and my children.  I learned truth and strength providing for myself and my daughters.  I don't need saving as I am neither lost nor falling.

I am glad you have found your own path as I have already found mine.  Blessings.
 — sybarite

Mandolyn--you are perhaps one of the most gracious people I have ever encountered.  Your ability to hold your beliefs close to your heart and allow others theirs is unusual.  You handle the most scathing comments, retorts, and direct attacks with confidence and humor.  I should one day like to meet you.
 — sybarite

If you don't wish to hear God's word, of course I will remain silent and show respect to your wishes. I will pray for you, and will not push the truth on you any further. God bless you.
 — unknown

syb, i am just a believer of time and place. and this is not the time or place for this unknown to be doing this. it comes across self righteous. if this poem were about God, or attacking God i would understand where they are coming from, more. i do hope i give grace and i quite enjoy your writings. i know i am no better than anyone else when it comes to being a christian.

and unk, yes do pray for me. i pray the Lord will slap me all the time. ;-)
 — mandolyn

^yeah, you've never done that before on this site have you mandolyn
 — unknown

^ no i haven't. i have been asked personally about what i believe, and have answered honestly. you are confusing the two.
 — mandolyn

Nice poem.
^I think it's a really sad thing when someone says their beliefs are the truth,
but believes that gays, and other religions etc are 'wrong'.
 — unknown

Well-built ramparts here author! A nice stroll...
 — Known

"and unk, yes do pray for me. i pray the Lord will slap me all the time."

^ i pray the lord will slap her too. ;-) j/k

Nice poem Syb, I love the word ramparts.

thanks for the read,
 — PollyReg

Some minor edits.  Thank you to everyone who has commented.
 — sybarite

Two things I like about this poem--the title being the first line (I do that alot) and the strength that it radiates--so much said in a few words--nice write, syb.
 — PaulS