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small exchange

he's got a beard and looks a spitting for rip torn
he says did you go wave your flag in london yesterday?
i say no, and if i hear 'special' relationship again
i'm going to top myself and he laughs
i tell him it's obvious there's a special relationship
'we're your bastardized children'
he laughs harder and then pauses for thought and breath
says later that the relationship is now called 'essential'
i laugh and say that's due to the chinese and then, i say
next year it will be termed 'desperate'

25 May 11

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as word performance would work, but it's not poetry. there's nothing coming from this but a forcing of you onto my way of reading. do you have anything else to write about but you?
 — syviaplastic

 — hank

then, you should find a short-story forum and learn how to write beyond your present capabilities. just letting this short-stuff go as good enough isn't good enough to the writing. do you have any story to tell?
 — syviaplastic

story, no.
 — hank

Would someone ban this syviaplastic? No one is paying any attention to its comments, and it's all over the place. Plus its commentary is off-the-top-of-head irrelevancies. Maybe syvia is a crackhead? I find nothing of use in its mental masturbation.
 — unknown