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Last Man Standing

Down “The Pelican Shot” Public House
Montmorancy and Gwynneth poured puzzled
over a gigantic diagram of local re development
“Rejuvenation? It’s the key, believe you me.”
Bartholemew Oldall, the pot man,
was so full of gin he guzzled his crisps
and began to choke. “Someone bang that bloke
on his back." snarled Percy Pumpguzzle.”That’s if you
got fuck all else to do except whittle in the woods
round Chorley.”
The wreckers ball ballooned through dusty air.
Light from 3 watt bulb shivered  sawdust floor.
“Does no one want hard liquor any more?”
Outside the last terraced house crumbled,
occupants heading out through last standing door.

A sorry tale of another English Public House biting the dust in the name of "progress" along with the 150 year old terrace streets that provided most of its cliental

pot man -washes and dries glasses in a Public House

whittle in the woods= a play on a words.  Whittle le Woods is a tiny village near the small northern English town of Chorley.

whittling - wot kids did when bored on rainy days in Engerland '.you find a branch of a tree and shave all the bark off with your Boy Scout penknife

Boy Scout- a bloody nuisance kid dressed in uniform who keeps trying to help old ladies who don't want to be helped across the road

sawdust- a kind of wood chipping which in the days of yore was scattered on the floor of vaults in public houses to soak up unmentionable stuff

Vault-the name of the room in a pub where only rough working men types sat in filthy overalls to get pissed when they should have been working

7 Jun 11

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Enjoyed this.  I'm not always real pleased with what is labeled as progress.  Said progress has ruined the small town in which I grew up.

Percy Pumpguzzle... lol, where did you come up with a name like that?  Still doesn't beat Dudley Spudwacker, though.
 — mtharp

you are right my friend....Dudley Spudwacker shades it

Larry O'Boozedowner lark
 — larrylark