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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

“If we build with arched entrances
it puts up costs.”
The builders reptilian features were lost
among his lack of concern,
while calculating how much he’d earn.
He knew there was money to burn.
If he could charge more he certainly would.
“Why should a slimy lizard like him
Have all the frickin’ luck?
A lottery win, 13,000,000 quid,
honey of a girl with snake shakin’ hips.
Binned his job…Wor a nob.
It’s a sin what I’d give just to kiss her gob.
Makes you feel like chuckin’ it in,
goin’ on the piss wiv yer kit off.”
“You’re a winner and a sinner,”
drawled the honey pot. Her fingers twirled
the three remaining hairs,
on the mutant millionaire,
who straight away had divorced the wife,
for a new life with next doors au pair
and what a pair.
She poured a treble Tia Maria
over fruit cocktail soaked in brandy schnapps
while he went for a crap.
Sat on a mink lined toilet seat,
while polishing his diamond crusted false teeth.
Meanwhile she lay sunning her pin thin legs
among the rubble. “She’s trouble.” he thought,
“But I wish I had a dose.” He ripped off his shirt,
stirred up the mortar, Morose, builders bum wobbling
he laid down bricks as thick as he was.

7 Jun 11

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thanks, a characterful story, more please
 — useine

LOL yes there are definitely some reet rum characters in this as my granny used to say
 — larrylark

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