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care with andrew

andrew is twenty stone or so
bleeds from multiple lesions
says to me while i dress him
you don't wear gloves
well, i'm not very bothered i say
he sways his head from side to side
perpetually in a dreamworld
he's never cold and never really wet
his politeness is something to be emulated
always asks how are You? how are You?
his response is yeah, yeah yeah to any question
when i wash his hair he asks why? why? why?
shivers and shakes and breathes out like a horse
and i guess that's the thing about care
that no matter how hard, it's harder for the other
he occasionally passes my house now
shouts daddy oh! daddy oh! and i run out
i hug him, how are you andy? yeah, yeah, yeah

16 Jun 11

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 — mtharp

you've certainly added another layer to your writing hank :)
 — mr_e

wel now this one i love
 — Clara