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care with frank

in a piss soaked lounge i read all 500 pages
his history with broadmoor and how they tried to kill him
while his family pleaded can i see my son?
can i see my brother? no, he's in no condition to see you
the doctors had him drugged and strapped
frank is not free of blame, frank is certainly no saint
frank is spiteful, conniving, cunning and rude
frank is confused, brainwashed and a product of religion
frank is also a guinea pig of britain
so while i care and cook and suffocate with frank
who in some respects is a british national treasure
(they couldn't kill him after all)
i roll his pipe tobacco in skins without complaint
and clear by hand human feces from trouser cuffs
if you can't fry bread he'll have your ass
if you can't listen to meatloaf extremely loud
he won't bother to understand you
i never saw anybody huff and puff up a hill like him

16 Jun 11

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