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Don't Give a Fig for Granny's Biscuits

I was always on hand when Rin Tin Tin
or Lassie needed food,
spooning it onto Grandad’s hand woven rug,
sat snug by a blazing fire.
They leapt out the TV,
ate with a mean look in each eye,
sniffed the air, looked me straight in the upholster,
cocked a leg, pee’d all over my history homework and were off,
flying down the grey-grained flicker of a dusty trail.
“Hope its tidy in there? When you've finished
its time for tea and then take those fig rolls
on the chair round to Grans for her constipation”
“Yes mam.” They were passing the cattle station
as I glanced at the screen,
one packet of fig rolls locked onto Lassie’s mouth.
"They’re heading south." Texas, a cowpoke's dream.
I leapt on my brother's hobby horse;
“Hi Ho Goldie, up and away.” Faster than the fleas
in Mucky Mickey's turn-ups.
I didn’t give a fig, but lived on the breeze
and the thought of smelling coffee and beans,
with my underpants smothered in dust,
sure took the shine off crusty old pea soup,
steaming in the tureen.

23 Jun 11

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best title i have read thus today...
nice write
 — mandolyn


fig newton that is
 — unknown

Hi thar `mandolyn I've jus gootan in from a pokin a few cows...of the animal variety of course..an i am agoin ta have a slug a whiskey rye an then lie down with the bartender whose a gonna show me her bus pass from the Alamo to Santa Fe.

Larry all home on the range Lark
 — larrylark

i absolutely love this poem.  i have some suggestions but i am at work so i will return.  just a few minor things jumped at me.

great, great work.  :)
 — jenakajoffer

oh i simply should have known it was my favourite english slug :)

damn you, mr. birdlark.
damn, you get me good with this junk.  ;)
 — jenakajoffer

Pure bacon & beans - a real cowboy's breakfast, Larky.
The thrill of black and white telly came flooding right back.
By the way there's an ornery critter of an apostrophe needs rounding up at L18 - now where did I put that cap gun?
 — unknown

the birdlark always gets the slug JJ.

Larry born to be wild Lark
 — larrylark

Thanks for the spot you 'orny critter that a treble whiskey rye and half a saddle i owe ya

Larry wild west hero Lark
 — larrylark

Afraid I'm on the wagon, Larro - but you could ave a decko at 'Moment' when you find one.
 — unknown

gimme a ruben

 — unknown

Will do unknown
 — larrylark

Hi budha...i do hope your spiritual studies are progressing

Larry Harry Kissya Lark
 — larrylark

hello, i am back to re-read this, still find it wonderful :)

I loved Rin Tin Tin you know, and I love that you say "Grandad", has sentimental meaning to me.

the break in 8-9 is jarring to me.  could 'homework' sneak its way up a line?
could 'away' be 'off'?


turn-ups might look better hyphenated?  i read 'turnips' and smiled :)

i realize that pea soup has a ham hock in there, but the 'ham' is not fitting.
i'd just go with 'pea soup' it's tighter.

love ya, birdlark, keep well,

jenny wren
 — jenakajoffer

Thanks Jen will do tomorrow
 — larrylark

Thanks for the spots Jen

Larry Birdlark Lark
 — larrylark