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Family Forgiveness

You seemed surprised. Heaven knows why.
Perhaps you thought i was lying?
No! I don't remember you parked the car
(a pale blue Ford Fiesta built like a jam jar)
in front of the Hilton Hotel in '69.
"Needs a rest." You said.
Vest sticking out from your collar line.
Leaned out, called to door man
"Where's Trafalgar Square?"
Dressed in brown, fixing a glare
gold braided, buttoned
to within inches of his life,
hair carefully clipped,
his badge a supercilious smile.
"Fuck off, or your in the shit.
His Majesty The Aga Khan is behind,
with his entourage, you stupid git."
He thought our rusting
little fart of a car would make photos
of his outlandish limousine seem
not what they oughta.
No! I don't recall, but remember,
you paying for meticulous lessons in maths.
"Don't be daft. You'll go today.
Must be good cus I'm paying.
Proper education don't come free."
yet you couldn't see, it drew  blanks with me,
clueless as a black hole
stalled in some "far away Universe".
Worse was the cursing from your tongue,
when i got the calculus wrong.
Its strange how vividly we recall
long ago events, and anyway
I've forgiven you for
those "things"  from all our yesterdays,
so won't you forgive me
for what i "don't" remember
and so never wish to say?

27 Jun 11

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This was a tad confusant Sir Larrold, until I remembered the time I was hauled out of the Ritz for eyeballing a sheik whilst playing blackjack, on the pretense my tie wasn't straight.
The world was indeed a different place then and thankfully my recollection of its absurder moments has dimmed sufficiently to render them harmless.
But this was not the case recently when I hooked up with an old flame from years ago who insisted we had done things I would never have dreamed of or even attempted, despite the fact we dropped acid together (but only the once).
 — unknown

Hi unknown

if i have any regrets as i look back to my childhood , it is the paucity of my memory and the different tales family members tell regarding the same incidents.My emotions have always run high and that fact colours my world and the way i see it for better or worse
 — larrylark

I always glean comfort from the fact that when witnessing the same event people invariably remember it differently - rather like poetry in a way.
 — unknown

thats it. I don't believe there are universal truths or collective memory or that there is an essence or a central core of universality or a way we all experience existence. Only the convenience of collective living, or "society" if you want to put it that way, creates this,  and while possibly helping us to "live" together in some sort of harmonious way , which in itself is a highly debatable point, suppresses individuality and peoples unique and highly personal way of perception, It is of course, a very convenient device for use in social control to have a huge number of people buying into certain ways of thinking and living  
 — larrylark