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epigram #48

One of the most important things to learn is how to put oneself to sleep properly...
remembering to lay the hands flat and not clenched in a fist so the stress and bad energy can flow freely out the fingers during the night.

20 Apr 04

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dont think this is a poem, nut i will take it on boerd
 — unknown

...nut i will take it on boerd?
 — hank

hehe its funny..i like it! short, sweet and to the point!
 — wendz

it's an epigram.  okay
 — TaylorC

i'm still waiting for "unknown" to explain, "nut i will take it on boerd"
 — hank

but i will take it on bread?
 — unknown

are you guessing?
 — hank

This is cool. bc I do just that sometimes.
 — pennylane

Yes ...   and I apologise.  One should never guess on an empty stomach.
 — unknown

This i like a lot - beautifully done h - I felt i was uncoiling - every word is measured- not just a beautiful piece of prose poetry, but a beautiful message as well - just as an epigram should be - i will try to always remember this when i go to bed.

 — unknown

I think they meant, "but I will take it on bored." It's not really all that hard to understand to me, just look at your keyboard.
 — pennylane

thanks pennylane. i didn't even think to look at my keyboard as the decoder. but what does "i will take it on bored" mean. do they mean board?
 — hank

i for one, will take it onboard.
 — gnormal

oh fuck.
i am on board too, already..
hands flat,
breath holding
 — annilee

 — varun

I agree fully. This doesn't give me my daily fix of Hank, so I'll proceed to H's next.
Try this technique outlined in the poem, readers. I can assure you that it works.

hank's unknown
 — unknown

out flat , thanks hank .
 — unknown

not a poem!
 — unknown

last night, i thought the same thing. and then thought i'd read a hank poem about it.
nice poem.
 — varun

nice one.

and i'm an expert on power naps [and snap]
and never clench my fists in slumber

but will gladly pass this reminder on.

: )
 — fractalcore

first attempt at using site as 'note to self'
 — hank