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Shadow on the Stair

In depth of winter’s endless night,
you sensed my footstep as I searched.
Like you might hear a distant bell,
that called all Christians down to church.
You would spread yourself across,
into the space that I had left,
pull a pillow to your head,
vaguely felt, a sense of loss.
Wondering what I’d gone to seek,
hidden in the room beneath.
Next day we’d move as ghosts down stairs,
tread across the carpet’s sea.
Assured for visiting the day,
rummaging for cups of tea.
While you might pause reflecting there,
in burnished mirror by the chair.
Searching for what can’t be found,
years long gone that bound us tight.
Joy and laughter unconfined,
dizzying upwards bathed in light.
The sunlit shaft parades its line,
moves like a dial our passing time,
till there’s no foot upon the stair,
two heartbeats never more will share.

4 Jul 11

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Beautifully written.  Enjoyed this very much.
 — mtharp

your a real pal to an old diamond geezer like me mtharp, who is so bow legged he can barely climb the stairs, never mind write about them.

Larry sympathy for the devil Lark
 — larrylark

Hey Larry!  I like your self-deprecating sense of humor.  Old age is inevitable for us all, isn't it?  Then again, I suppose it's not inevitable, but it certainly beats the alternative! ;)  

m "geezer-at-heart" tharp
 — mtharp

LOL ...an oldie but goldie like me is just glad he can git down them thar stairs every goddam morning and tuck into a bowl of All Bran laced with prune juice before startin' on the serious part of the day which is how to keep the old ticker goin' and get through to Horlicks time without serious mishap.

Larry steady but slightly shaky as he goes talkin' one geezer at heart to another Lark
 — larrylark

nice poem.  consider omitting 'down' from 4?  also, I stumbled on 24 slightly.  maybe something like:
'our heartbeats no longer willing to share'?
like it much all in all tho'.
 — JKWeb

Thanks for the suggestions JK
 — larrylark