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The old lecturer paused in mid flow,
hoping no one had noticed
The disinterested eye of a student focused.
The one who sought cynical reasons
regarding Picasso’s sizzling sex life,
and why Lautrec always wore gloves.
“Please don’t ask.” He inwardly pleads.
“In fact, get stuffed.”
Like oil paint gone wrong,
he wished to be scraped off his tedious day,
wanting coffee, buns, love, a kids cartoon.
“Scooby Dooby Do, where are you?”
Now we know why he carries on.

11 Jul 11

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The internal monologue is brilliant. Not quite sure about the wording of the last line but the message is clear nevertheless. Love it.
 — unknown

Thanks unknown
 — larrylark

enjoyed this


 — Clara

no probs Claire ...thanks for reading
 — larrylark

This is good. I like the simile and the sounds in the first stanza - keeps the tongue dancing - very balanced.
 — Josephseth11