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while you stuff your moods, i wait

fold me
into a blanket
you lay over your lap
let me stay warm with you–
the sky can burst
into a billion drops of rain
while fire howls
inside the gulley
though it pulls my heart
i love only you

13 Jul 11

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o sinclair!
 — unknown

you really don't need lines six through nine to make something like a poem, but without its expansion on your feelings it would make the poem seem silly. i think you need to re-find the thought and feelings in stanza two and make a more brilliant transition between the physical and the emotional stanza.

 — unknown

 — mtharp

ah. loverly. really perfect. thanks
 — Clara

lovely poem

thx for the read
 — PollyReg

thanks for the visit
 — mandolyn

i wished you loved only me...lol and a nice write as well...
 — brother_sun

 — mandolyn

I <3 Mandolyn!!!
 — antsy

This is beautiful Mandy.  I really like your use of metaphor in all your work but in this one it is impecable--the poem short and sweet.  Vey nice work.
 — PaulS

thanks paul
 — mandolyn

Where did this one go?
 — unknown

^ i can bump for you if you want
 — unknown

^ You do not know her
 — unknown

i do not know either of you, now can it.
 — mandolyn

 — unknown

^ ♥ ?
 — mandolyn

i love this, btw. will fave sometime.
-unknown for keyboard st_ck
 — unknown

thanks :)
 — mandolyn

This is my favorite poem of yours. I'd like to frame it and sell it at Wal-Mart.
J/k. It would definitely be a Mall piece. But there would only be one and the price would go up with every offer. So it would eventually just go home with me.
 — yield

lol, wal-mart is dead to me. you should try the tackle shop down the street. buy some beer why you're there, drink yourself to a levy.
 — mandolyn