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Hit Me With Your Walking Stick

To be sung to the tune of "Hit me With Your Rhythm Stick" by the late and much lamented Ian Dury with his Blockheads.
Among dunes near old St. Annes,
eat a sandwich made of spam.
garibaldi, old fig roll,
cold left over casserole.
Hit me with your walking stick,
hit me hit me hit me.
Shout out loud expletatives,
hit me hit me hit me.
Treble whisky make it quick,
strike my head with a five pound brick,
hit me hit me HITTTT MEEEE.
On the beach down Bognor Bay,
espadrille’s are worn and frayed.
Filthy dentures sanded clean,
hernia belt, hot steamy tea.
Hit me with that walking cane,
hit me hit me hit me.
Strike me hard and cause me pain,
hit me hit me hit me.
Leave me out in pouring rain
so I get washed straight down the drain,
hit me hit me HITTT MEEE.
Down the coves of Colwyn bay,
grandma’s bloomers and her stays,
lie on beach, she’s in the sea,
crouching down to take a pee.
Hit me with your pension book,
hit me hit me hit me.
Give me Bull’s Blood premier cru
hit me hit me hit me.
Enos fruit salts pint of mild,
my insides feel really wild,
hit me hit me HITTT MEEEE

7 Aug 11

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mercy bocoup, monseer

 — unknown

I've been HITTT

Larry battered but unbowed Lark
 — larrylark