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Death At Sea

Inventory of James Lord’s Goods
Deceased at Sea 11th October 1698
12 rough and ready callakew sheets,
olde atlas, (part torn, shredded).
Shrunken natives head in lead lined box,
(origins not known) lead shot embedded
Book called “Heavens Opened.”
One dose of the pox,
best silk shirts, I pair of drawers,
two fighting cocks
Silver earring embalmed in soap.
Parrots beak, burnished gold.
3 pairs of britches (material coarse).
Knife and razor, grinding stone
A set of false teeth.
Rug blankets, bed beneath
Two agate, one pearl enclosed in sheaf.
Man slave, girl the same, picked up from Belize
Medicine for seizures and pains,
stitch needles for lesions.(3)
Counting board to measure seasons
Compass telescope, book of knots.
Hammock, lantern, chest well locked.
6 small elephant’s feet
each marked with one  cross,
brass wyre lute and lyre.
Diary mired in half truth, dross
One court order from The Assizes.
Book of prices from out of Devizes.
Gunpowder damp, a lamp.
Candles, tallow, description of hell.
portrait of a certain Mr. Shallowe,
complexion tainted, sallow.
Tobacco, wine in painted casks
Cut throat blade, sleeping mask
Blunderbuss gone to rust
brass pans, not one bit of trust
This inventory represents a true account
of his wordly goods attested to by Henry Barton
witnessed by Captain Shallowe
on the 4th day of our Lord, December 1698
signed by both therein.

7 Aug 11

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3 pairs of britches eh? not three pair a bitches? Hah, this is extraordinary recovery of a seaman's articles. well done sir larry.
 — unknown

From one sea dog to another.."The sea is rather wuff today
 — larrylark