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Dawn Chorus

Woke, duvet draped, in early morning floating hour,
while pigeons torment sleep from ivory towers.
Weaned from deep snoring slumber,
well before that swift rising molten core
streams bright light over rust crumbled drain pipe tops,
where each twig of a nest lies propped among  timbers,
threatening to burn the street to a cinder.
Fancy dan mother of pearl bird waves wings,
turning through well grooved flight paths.
Later one lay spread eagled,
where traffic markings whitened the road.
The fleeting symmetry of death stayed unnoticed.
Stray cat foraging meat, splayed beneath severed feathers

23 Sep 11

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cool poem.  enjoyable read.
 — JKWeb

first time I read this I took it as a threat to pigeons as in: "The last pigeon that disturbed my slumber got hit by a truck." heh. I liked it.
 — etrexa

cheers JK
 — larrylark

read all abhat it...Pigeon hit by perambulating trick cyclists one and only wheel
 — larrylark