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sunny fall day in a small garden

beautifully sunny fall day sees me
grilling, but perturbing frog
getting ready her pond for hibernation
my constant activity peevs her
she can't keep her head above water
it's her pond, she blinks...but my garden
rocket in yellow bloom rosette's as if to say
we knew this weather was coming, so?
even those that have sprung too late
the sun allows to give a good go
mad greedy rushed dexterous birds
contribute a cacaphony that drowns my own.

28 Sep 11

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who cares? first line sucked and the thing never got any better.
 — unknown

you're right mbauer. thanks.
 — hank

woody harrelson will get you for this, hank
 — unknown

first line sucks. irish lyric quality? what crap.
 — unknown

why does the first line suck?
 — hank