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an unfair warning

eyes open on two figures revolving on their own axis,
quiet among voices screaming,
not for the sake of pain but for hope that they might be released.
he is taller, clumsy as he leads
but so careful with the control he exudes,
keeping two hands on her waist,
not to guide her, but in an attempt to prevent the implosion
that they can both see coming.
she finds solace with him beneath the trees,
hates herself for allowing this feeling,
she's spinning slowly under the pretense of giving him his first dance
and enjoying his warmth, quiet and steady between their bodies.
they continue their broken ellipse,
sufficiently  drunk with one another's grace
all the while hoping as the world turns
that it would stop and wait for them to catch their breath.
i thought of life with you
and felt the earth fracture under my own inability.

5 Oct 11

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I am in love with the last two lines-silentspring
 — unknown