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candle turns thing next to it
big and lively upon the wall
candle exposes by its own self
flickered physique of neighbor

12 Oct 11

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essence. nope.
 — unknown

Very much like the concept here but the poem is a bit...clunky.  I like L2.
 — sybarite

aye! o'er the brae we shall a'guzzl the mead and share the bounty of our families' abutting lands!
 — unknown

don't like 'essence' either. so what shall we name it?
 — hank

i will stay with that and won't hear any more about it.
 — hank

Hmm...I want this to have the word monster in it.
 — sybarite

i want this to have the word cookie in it!

ooooooohhhhhhh noooooooooo

har har de har

der der der

 — unknown

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