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The Camera Never Lies

Hands plunged deep in far off pockets,
gaberdine with matching socks.  
Fingers muffed in gloom's dark corners,
sand and fluff, keys to unlock
Roughed up tainted sticky wrappers,
badge from cap, Spearmint Gum.
Sundry fun fair waltzer tickets,
dried up currant from a bun.
On bent old pennies sickly George,
the King of England briefly reigned.
Stuck to out of focus photo,
toothless grins and Bovril stains.
Shutter snaps through  sea side mist,
behind the sand dunes kiss me quick
Once upon a life i stood,
knobbly kneed inside their frame.
Mothers elbow at my shoulder,
cold as ice but knew my name.
Grandma's ear stuck to the airwaves,
King George stuttered, Christmas day.
Once more the shutter caught a moment
while time moved swiftly on its way.

10 Nov 11

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a snap shot in time
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