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Health Warning

For some, silence is akin
to a scream that bleeps inside the head.
An unsteady pulse pounding each ear,
a reminder to fear blood pressure
and those many other deadly hazards
that measure out each life.
Maybe time to take it easier
than in the past.
Have a rest, do a bit less,
you might last longer.
Stroll up the street,
to greet summer's sunshine.
Bathe in the mellow shadows of evening time.
Examine a turning leaf beneath a roadside shrub,
as malevolent old ladies
exchange chit chat.
Admire their well scrubbed steps,
while hearing snatches of strained conversation
ease out through open windows.
Now slow down to a stop.
Go on, please yourself,
for the sake of your health,
drop in at the corner shop
for cigarettes, gin, a few cans, bottle of wine,
and give yourself plenty of time,
now dwell on the good things in life.

21 Nov 11

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The good things in life.....there are some.
 — unknown

I speak no swaheli
 — unknown

There are always sum but they don't always add up

Larry Algy Brake Lark
 — larrylark