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Other Women (1944)

Mother spared the powder and the rouge
to express disapproval of other women.
Those splendidly sensual made up girls,
twirling effortlessly
through throngs of eager men.
Sipping V.P. sherry,
gravy browned thighs a film of sweat,
beetroot lips puckered for a knee trembling kiss
while in the midst of all this
she clasped each cup of tea so tight
her pale fingernails
glowed white as unstained sheets.

21 Jan 12

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The best poet on the site, always sincere
 — justicely

cheers justicely..the things i could tell you about my mother ...but then i would only probably  be telling you about myself.

Larry mother love Lark
 — larrylark

beetroot lips?


 — Clara

Love 'beetroot lips.'  Would you consider 'shifted' in place of 'swirled' in L4?  I like your style, Mr. Lark.  
 — sybarite

shifted is an ocean better ...thank you sybarite
 — larrylark

Clara...when there was a make up shortage during the rationing of WW 2 women had to improvise

Larry not making it up Lark
 — larrylark

Larry i have also read that some ladies over dosed on copious cups of tea and suffered ill effects tremors and headaches, so much for calming down in the blitz and doodle bugs
 — unknown

Sensually might be better.  I like this, the tight woman dying to break out into the wanton she is inside.  
 — Isabelle5

I love beetroot lips.  During the war, women did what they needed to do, with lack of petroleum to make lipstick!  Beet juice did the tricks on lips and cheeks.
 — Isabelle5

Isabelle how can this poem be made more sensual ? Why would it need this treatment ? Clearly the writer is only recalling what he was aware of as a younger person. Adult fantasties are another league
 — unknown

She wasn't saying the poem should be more sensual.  Read line 3 - that seems to be using sensual to define made-up.  Are the girls sensual or are they sensually made-up?  
 — unknown

apologies, I was mistaken. Thank you for the pointer.
 — unknown

oh yes is good, classy
 — useine

I love the poem.

I love the history behind it too.
 — marieclaire

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