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keep the piano

your last note
key under rock

3 Feb 12

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note-ky starts the music in this, and rock is worthless, so this must be about rachmaninov and some silly movie about being skitz but still being able to hack out a performance of the third concerto.

maybe if you typed twenty little blinks like this over each other, over and over again, and had really acute reading ability and could find these words all under each other and swimming up into the light, you could maybe have a picture of the rachmaninov third piano concerto.

and, if that's not what this is about, then what's it doing here?
 — cadmium

Hah! clever :))
 — unknown


exactly and a perfect comment.
it'll take time to type twenty little blinks.
that's what i try and avoid.
it's what it needs, i know, but i just can't be bothered.
so i boil down.
 — hank