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aHa: a poetic noetic instantiation in three acts

rushing inference, imminent insight
suddenly its clear, a gut feeling,
          swooning, reeling,
   cross-connected hemi-sphere;
syncopated, reverberated, totally aware
open bi-ways, ahh blue-sky days, making up my mind,
synapses shiver, axons quiver, dendrites deliver,
'lectrik-neurons fire suddenly in time
aha! aha! oh gawd I see, I ran around 'n cried
a fool I've been, all along it's there, right in front of me
with a grin 'n a nod 'n twinkly-looking 'round
raised my arms 'n slapped my thighs
'n made a ruckus sound --
donned my hat 'n set it skewed
upon my big bright head,
set off to town in an uplifted mood
while whistling a sweet sound,
forgot what I had found
there's a hole in my head
    where the wounds of reason seep
                all words are dead inside my head
what's left is dark 'n deep
I'll always live
        and always die
          on the event horizon
                     of my mind's eye
                           where the flash
                   of neuronal fires
              flower into a
          sudden epiphany --


7 Feb 12

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Forgive the audacity, but one cannot help one's preferences.  To me, this is your poem, and I like it:

donned my hat 'n set it skewed  14
upon my big bright head,  15
set off to town in an uplifted mood  16
while whistling a sweet sound,  17
forgot what I had found  18
#  19
there's a hole in my head  20
    where the wounds of reason seep  21
            ;     all words are dead inside my head  22
what's left is dark 'n deep  23
@  24
I'll always live  25
        and always die  26
          on the event horizon  27
            ;          of my mind's eye  28
            ;          &nbs p;     where the flash  29
            ;        of neuronal fires  30
            ;   flower into a  31
          sudde n epiphany --
 — noia

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOwgE18iuUQ&featur e=mfu_in_order&list=UL

; )
 — fractalcore

thanks noia -- I'm partial to the lead-in --
 — AlchemiA

Thanks fractalisciousness -- http://goo.gl/p7h6O
 — AlchemiA

Separate : "in Three Acts," from the title; because, "in three acts" is a superlative - in sorts, of the act itself.  " Dendrites Deliver?"  rly?  Really good pace.  Love the pound.  The problem with pace is the execution in real time, you sort of fall into a classic rhythm, and changing the spacing isn't large enough to overcome the 19th century rhythmic patterns, your rhyming takes over your message.  Remember that the greatest writers in history where current.      
 — percocet

not spacious.
 — percocet