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The Dutch

Once, I ran from the reich
and coddled slavs and kikes
but now i revel
below sea level
and finger leaky dykes

13 Feb 12

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love it
 — faith


once, i lunched with placid dutch,
we dined on beer and cheese...
they burped and belched
and talked too much:
they do just as the please!

but, in the room came minnie mouse,
an orchid in her hair;
and all the dutch felt as been punched,
that minnie the mouse was there.

for minnie looked so elegant,
so savoir faire and debonaire;
and all that lunch of drinking dutch,
sang songs to minnie fair.
 — cadmium

rival pedi-salon owner insert text here:
 — cadmium

^ Apparently you're the only pedo here.... But I don't believe that....
 — Haxxen