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Fleeting Grandma

my grandmother
always smelled
of warm tossie cookies
at Christmastime
sweet of molasses
and nutty pecans
and she had a particular way
of saying yeah
so it came off soothing and comforting
even if she was just saying it
without a special reason
I never wanted to forget it after she died
but it is distant now
If I squeeze my eyes closed
I can recollect her gray waves
that she always liked to pat
out of her feminine vanity
not dampened by time
I can recall palpable excitement
over her famous cookies
that I actually never liked much—
not like the others
but I still missed them after they were gone
because they were a symbol of her
now they might please my palate
in a way they did not before
an early morning dream
that an hour upon waking
one cannot remember
but if I close my eyes…
and this time I will write it down

14 Feb 12

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Lovely.  I enjoyed the conversational tone, works well here.  You drew it all to an excellent and pointed closing.  Enjoyed.
 — sybarite

thanks sybarite
 — CaseyPowers

 — unknown

thank you unknown
 — CaseyPowers

 — unknown