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you were good at helping me end

where have you been?
my knife
is almost a spoon
i can't make out with you
not like that
(yes, exactly like that)
you never snored
but i wished you had
that one night
because i had a tape
and you mixed it
pressed it to my skin
and said
'play number ten'
so of course i played eleven
we were something,
weren't we?
a title for sure
ridiculous and red
my poem plays dead
on your pillow
i wish you would snore
the night would wake up
and fuss at me
saying i'm chicken
but what if you bite?
and turn me
to what?
a gremlin was never that cute
get over here
bring me some clues
not blue ones
let's start with Montana
forget the capital m
you've shelved us too long
i'm growing a song
that revolves around hunger
and you

29 Feb 12

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mandoli, did you also write something about snoring? lemme find it..i make love while you snore. as much fun : ) )
 — unknown

i don't remember if i wrote one about snoring before...
definitely not 'making love while you snore' -someone else wrote that
 — mandolyn

Your voice is so loud here it hurts my ears :)
 — Known

and i was always such a quiet girl...

 — mandolyn

I like the rhythm in your head
 — unknown

^ thanks. it's mostly dead
 — mandolyn

You have resurrected many words. I came back to your cul-de-sac. =)
 — unknown

i remember that old fart

now i'm trying to remember YOU
 — mandolyn

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 — unknown

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