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roman road on easter

to us it seemed undulating
to the satellite
eye places it straight
perfectly straight and in section
to us it was a wander
a dart at one time to shelter
beneath a holly,
for eat and for re-recognizing
who knows what they were doing, a road so straight
bounded by hip high walls
who cares, we stumbled
we stuck tiptoed, fascinated; love we tread.

10 Apr 12

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impressive. nice contrasts, nice sounds and wording. it's all over the place conceptually, but it resolves as believable reaction, if not actually emotion -- too distant, too far away and observing, your servo-motors turning this way and that. but, still...
 — cadmium

Death star by numbers. The crayon set for adults
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ignore the pedophile cadmium / James Bauer
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