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Triple Elvis

Did I tell ya
the twin never died
and hid behind was another?
The mother,
being all shook up
handed both over
the county line
for adoption, saying,
'It's now or never'.
Ramone grew into
a local legend
with syncopated hips
and pouting, smouldering lips
singing like he was
in heaven
but never got the breaks.
Ricki broke jailhouse
rocks for a while,
then drove a truck
and laid twenty
women a week,
telling them he was
Elvis, hiding out  
from the Colonel
Meanwhile, back in Memphis
Elvis, the chosen one,
found God
and became a triple
king-size, gun-toting fed,
'Glory, glory hallelujah'
he moaned as he expired.
His two brothers
don't know to this day
why they look exactly
like the King
and not being posessed
of suspiscious minds,
they think it's a blessing
from the Lord.
Not even
their adoptive parents
are aware that their kids
are heirs
to the throne.

2 May 04

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but the title doesn't seem to work...very good work though.
 — imissyou

This is more like a story than a poem!
 — unknown

A narrative poem then!
 — opal

Yes,and with three distinct strands.Must fly got to take my hound dog to be put down as he keeps chewing up my poems-think ne's tring to tell me something.
regards The Dishonourable Larry Lark
 — unknown

larry, just thought I'd catch you as your passing through.  On your profile you show your website as annis arts but there is no such place, how so?

Nice storytelling, by the way, good work.
 — Meep

Sorry, Larry Lark.

BUT where are your poems, recent ones and why is there no such place as your website!  I'm confused!
 — Meep

Dear Meep

All my poems are on here,the ones i intend for discerning readers to peruse that is and now i have time i will get my defunct site up and running
 — larrylark

 — Meep


Just out of interest, what is on your site?
 — Meep

good  poems man
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

Elvis lives man. Why,he even caused an arguament in my local tonight.

Larry its now or never Lark
 — unknown

Triple Elvis, double cheeseburger and fries to go.
 — unknown