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if memory is a lie then so am I

Proust searched his brain for memories that
made the man and did finally understand
that this changed him just by looking;
so he called himself a sentimental-realist!
many a prisoner, in walls cast of shadows,
have escaped their fate etched in stone
and bars at Guantanamo, where they
remade themselves in their language of pain -
this poetry of misery or bliss to relive a life
that past has missed; to rekindle themselves
in the alembic of desire, their inner fire,
because of the lie of memory; I am frisson!
oh, yearning moment, oh, swelling into dreams
come of these sincere things, where open
skies and open roads and open fields
are little sparks in open places closed inside of me.
when this lightning sings my body moves
with the ghostly touch of numinous grass
and forgotten fragile flowers, the distant buzz of bee
and echoing twitter of birds sound again inside of me.
inside of memory is me, thereto is the lie
where holes are filled by my imagination; a story I call
myself where fiction and reality are hopelessly
intertwined, undermining who I thought was me and too, mine.
this albatross of original stimulus, this
verisimilitude of the incongruous, mutable
impressions which fleeting fly dead-away,
fall into the deep error of my earnest loom, memory!
the act of remembering changes me, so a fool I have
become, locked in shadows, staring dumb, I shun this outer lock,
sing my songs as they
come from now on,
making me in my own image
                                                                        undone ...

10 May 12

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I actually quite enjoyed this.
 — Kitteh

intriguing write.  I especially like the title and 2nd strophe.
 — JKWeb

wise choices of words, tone, reflecting the wisdom of your age. i like this poem for how it projects the inner truth, that so many of us attempt to capture. you freed it. nice work.
 — crepaway

Thank-you for your kind remarks -- I appreciate them Kitteh, JKWeb and crepaway
 — AlchemiA

Ok... I know we're all intellectuals here and we know MOST of what is being used in l 25-26, but JEEZ!!!  Those words are SO "heavy", the average person will be running for their dictionaries (at BEST) and at worst, will move to the next poem.  Sometimes there's such a thing as a "TOO SMART" poem.  You must weigh the choice of "high-falutin" words such as you've chosen, that will alienate the average reader, or make the decision to choose plain words with meaning that all readers can understand and identify with.  What's it gonna be???
 — aforbing

 — AlchemiA