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comes a time

when nothing looks ugly
when everything holds
a fascination
maybe it's re-learned
this seemingly naive
rediscovered view
no offences:
litter- cause and effect
bloodletting- a sweet aroma
comes a time for an artist
when all appears beautiful
curious, odd perhaps
we are no longer repulsed
by a slaughter of dolphins say
but philo'sophically stimulated
how good can we be?
how willing are we
to reel ourselves?
comes a time
when a man ceases
to see horror
comes a time of annulment
when an artist sees...just a time,
everything oddly beautiful
what then? how do?
smile, continue...

ode to derek walcott.

20 May 12

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the whole thing bottlenoses unexpectedly which is nice.  right down to the last lineword which somehow embodies the longer "where do we go".  
a dolphin's smiling beak not unnoticed.

to be critical,  "comes a time" is a weird phrase that i have no identity with except neil young, and then only a weak hinge.  i tried to read it face-on but that did not cause me to see any new point of grammer view.
 — gnormal

about the title.
yeah, i agree.
i know and don't know what to do about it.
 — hank