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halting-stars we are, aching
                              for the vastness of space,
                              that lonely-only place
                              where heat-beats swell
                              on the edge of night -
here we are sun~bending
                               toward a red-ochre sky,
                               a gnarled branch,
                               and bony finger reach
                               for a cloudy-whirl,
                               white on blue,
                               all the while curling-roots 'round
                               stones of earth,
                               star-imbued mud
                               for sipping nameless
                               elements of course -
we lurch in wind, whimper for the climb,
                               make leaf-song,
                               slow-swelling from Sun
                               drenched dirt,
                               the blood of longing serpents-up,
                               from deeper whirl'ds-turn'd
                               where harder roots have
into the electron cloud where numinous valences are allowed,
                                which are inspired to arise,
                                such that lead becomes gold
                                glowing as a singular-sight,
                                vortex'd through Quantum tunnels
                                that make our body bright -
just another rapturous transmutation
                                        of matter into light

3 Jul 12

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Way too many - in this but the phrases fit.  My kind of idea in this, matter into energy in forms known and unknown.
 — Isabelle5

Thank-you PC colleague - you're right and I did not notice them as I'm always concatenating and connecting things this way  -- I'll remove some while others may be my way of slurring the words together ... nice of you to drop by
 — AlchemiA

I do that very often myself, Alch.  I really like this, though, didn't mean any points taken away.
 — Isabelle5

This is my favorite writing out of everything on this site. number one. I don't know how I never rated it or had it in my favorites. I remember reading it several times over the years. It is one of the writings that has inspired me the most. just thought you should know that. thank you for being. thank you for this.
 — dvdsxr