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yesterday minus tomorrow

when today comes
with long legs and red lipstick
smack her on the ass
and buy her a drink.
let one thing
lead to another
and forget yesterday
because no matter what-
she can never exist.
quit bankrupting life's currency  
by squandering ticks on the clock
trying to figure how many
tomorrows remain
(i promise, there's just the right amount).
have your way with today
take her back to your place
ravage her body in search of asylum.
let the bedsprings screech with strain,
as they sing the day's song.
when she finishes her cigarette
tell her to leave the money
on the nightstand
where yesterday left hers.

4 Sep 12

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nice write. maybe omit lines 4&5?
 — unknown

this is a great poem ;)
 — dax

 — rivergood