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Cafe Society

Back then,
life seemed a blank page
waiting for
a bigger splash.
"I'll have
a large espresso."
A portrait from Picasso's
Blue Period hung askew
on a rough plastered wall.
All thought it amazing.
Among wooden tables
and benches feelings ran high,
while things took an age to happen.
Our cafe society,
caught between
the high school dance
and the bar's dark corner.
Sometimes I would stand a round.
On later days in other places,
sometimes I fell down.

7 May 04

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Beautiful use of free verse with its empahasis on poignant imagery used to capture a time long gone.
 — opal

empahasis???? where did that 'a' come from???
 — opal

Dear Opal

Thanks for your comment which i have only just caught up with now
 — larrylark

why isn't there a real cafe society in great britain. pubs are great wouldn't trade em, but i like a cafe atmosphere a lot, especially the kind of cafe atmosphere where they sell olive, bread and wines.

have you got a pub poem?
 — kaleidazcope

My first reading was in a Cafe Society.
 — thirdeyris

I think the natural or unnatural British reserve plus the vagueries of our weather mitigate against it particularly in the provinces where people seem to have so little to say to each other beyond idle chit chat
 — larrylark

Hi thirdeyris

How'd it go?

Larry nosey paarker Lark
 — larrylark

It was great, a poet laureate... Carolyn something.. approached me afterward (she grabbed me by the elbow on my way out actually) just to tell me how much she liked my style. The place is closed now, but it was really called Cafe Society.
 — thirdeyris

Dear thirdryris

In my opinion which is not worth more than a pinch of salt dissolving into a plate of chips this is my best and favourite poem i ever wrote.

Larry secrets from th mind of a very minor poet lark
 — larrylark

It's a beautiful poem. I think you've made a good choice making this a favorite.
 — thirdeyris