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Real Life is Panera Bread

They smile in their
crisp white shirts
monochrome ties
because of her
raucous laughter
and drawn-drape smile
the old woman
in the breakfast din
over there he
has his laptop
WI-FI tech savvy
but alone
Chai tea latte
and walnut muffin
in this carefully
artificial Tuscany
The real world
is Panera Bread
and the morning crowd

It didn't occur to me when writing this that not everyone would know what the Panera Bread restaurant was.

8 May 04

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Who is wearing crisp white shirts?  You are right in that you have to keep in mind that not everyone knows Panera Bread.  They at the beginning is too cryptic because you do not take the time later in the poem to hint at or outrightly say who "they" refers to in the crisp shirts.  Waiters or customers? What is she laughing at?  Does she normally laugh every morning, at what types of things?  I'd rework lines 9-17 till they were a coherent and complete thought.
 — unknown

Knowing Panera Bread, I think that this is an accurate description.  "They" refers to the business men on their way to work.  Did you not explain it all so the reader could interpret it to fit in their own mind the people that they run into daily?  I liked this a whole lot.
 — Keesa



(but for chai starbucks is my evil corporation of choice).
 — jade

Keesa, not everyone runs into white collars daily.  I think if you are going to be specific enough to say they were wearing white collars, then at least distinguish them between servers and customers, or whomever.
 — unknown

This poem is great!  I love Panera Bread.  Great soup!
 — aforbing

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