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sound words (written vs. aural history)

words linked bear chainmail gown
soundthreads loom feathery down
this chainmail gown words i link
fleece robe from sound is sewn
wounds words singe,  and senses?
it's sound that sutures senses wound

15 Oct 12

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a nice write -- not as beautiful as the thought you're weaving, but at least you've kept it inside the idea itself -- that is, it seems to me that the writing shows this one concept's physical analog. it's a visual poem, and maybe here where it's mostly song-lyric from soft-rock, it's too radical as poetry. people ought to get the image though.
 — cadmium

nice, hank, pretty well crafted. i hope my comment doesn't condemn it to a string of 'ones'. people should spend days talking about why this one does or doesn't work.
 — cadmium

thanks cadmium. keep going...if you don't mind....
 — hank

How about "Aural Eischer"?  
 — lateninepoet