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for pablo

admittedly your genius makes me jealous
but even so,
it is often you i turn to
when i am empty of ideas.
your body of work inspires,
but also exhausts.
these are times when andy's coke bottles
are a welcome reprieve.
i'll keep up the conversation
and one day we'll toast
to the priceless value of the goats,
and to don and sancho.

10 May 04

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pablo neruda? he is god
 — unknown

Pablo Picasso no? but for whichever Pablo you mean hank, you've done a great job here. I take it to be Picasso because of your reference to Warhol,  but this is such an inspiring piece - the voice of the poem is so warm. Straight to my fave list.
 — opal

thanks opal. i notice from your poems that you are a bit of a history buff.
 — hank

of course it's picasso.  look at that goat's hips!
 — gnormal

Do you actually think that Picasso would find anything of interest in this poem? Where's the edge? Is this supposed to have been inspired by either Pablo or Warhol? I find nothing here to indicate anything of the sort. Perhaps this is just an exercise in name-dropping. . . ?

line 8 "reprieve"
 — jak

hey jacko,

yes, i do.
it's in there.
yes, it was.
i always write poems just to name drop you idiot.
 — hank

.........? goats?
 — unknown

i love you poem. if i had two goats i would call them pablo and dora.
 — bettalpha

good names.
 — hank

admittedly your genius make me jealous
but even so,
it is often you i turn to
when i am empty of ideas.

"Bad artists copy. Good artists steal." p.picasso

explains the "ideas" dilemma with humour, relaxed and invigorating writing, enjoyed.
 — Kauf

thanks kauf.
 — hank


my pleasure, Hank.
 — Kauf

LOvely work about a great possibly the greatest modern artist.
 — larrylark

now this is a much better poem than the other one i comented on, i like this. it has life and also plesent to read!
 — Mahagnare

I'm with jak on this, mostly because a personal preference for accessiblity. Also, I'd like to have seen a more consistant structure (L10 and 11 rhyme, but 2-3 and 6-7 don't).
 — b00

It's so sexy and pulsating with energy.
 — OwlGirl

very fine tribute to Neruda, I'm guessing. Please correct me if I err. I wonder, Hank, does jealousy inspire you or merely turn you green?

perfect poem

h's unkn
 — unknown

my mistake. Picasso, the satyr, I see. I'll be tucking him into one of my next poems.... if there is a next one.

Thank you, h
 — unknown

His body does inspire. Pablo was hot.
 — unknown

A mi, me gustan las cabras!  Muy bien escrito este poema!  (Pablo Neruda rocks)!
 — starr

This isn't too bad really, one of your better ones so far. A nice, casual tribute it seems to Pablo Picasso. This is however of little interest. 5/10
 — Henry

thank you once again anri for taking your time and bothering to give numbers.
 — hank

i find inspiration in art. and picasso is a well of inspiration.

a rose is a rose is a rose

he will always inspire poets.


(ending sentences in prepositions...hmm) might just be a pet peeve.

but i liked this poem
 — ilenelush

this is clever.  i like :)  
 — FrayedSkirt

a rose is a rose...

is gertrude stein.
 — hank