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ciao-Bella you're a 'dystopian-grrl'

you've arrived and thy will be done under Love ...
a cunning-linguist does a sermon on the mons pubis, mons venus, mound ...
-- reflecting, murmuring, moaning ...
sing of what's to come in an old forgotten tongue ...
sing of the dead and only begotten ones ...
sing of the living weighted down by their past ...
sing oh sing of the first and the last ...
sing like it'll be a 'reset' of the over-arcing frequencies
... server restart
— sing like the Indians with their bhagwan songs, which move-us with the numinous in the language of devotion,
sing in the rhythm of a longing heart, swelling on the edge of forever,
sing with an ancient ache,
sing with yearning in the urge-to-merge,
sing into a whirl’d where you end and love begins …
sing my dear-heart, oh sing and


ღஜ-♥ be alive with how your heart bends the whirl'd in its longing swell ♥-ஜღ

3 Mar 13

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meme's abound in this peice -- and many-reflections echo the 'zeitgeistian' theory of harmonics turned to a dark tale in another whirl'dy view ...
 — AlchemiA

meme's abound in this piece -- and many-reflections echo the 'zeitgeistian' theory of harmonics turned to a dark tale in another whirl'dy view where there is wit playing inside of it ...
 — AlchemiA

... and on and on 'til it's plainly simple to go 'round and 'round
 — AlchemiA

Always the mother, but never the ravished bride, is how this makes me feel inside...
 — unknown

trying to speak "truth" is like grasping at smoke .. but you don't grasp the smoke, Alch, you shape it and dance with it and every word spins into the page solid and right :)

this is a good song.
 — jenn

the burlesque is radical.
where goes?
 — unknown

yep, awareness, cunning and a cutting-intellect make for many reflections, which is what drew Narcissus to love his own visage in the echo of a pond ... rumination without being bothered by what's gone before nor by your fretting about whatever iteration may appear in the consequences of your thoughts, coupled with a veritable will, i.e., bravery which is unconflicted and fierce and always, all-ways compose yourself and wait and then imbibe a juicy humility which is the sweetest thing in the universe 'cause it's fed by the spring of Love ...
 — AlchemiA

  in the rhythm of a longing heart, swelling on the edge of forever, into a whirl’d where you end and love begins …
 — AlchemiA

word: shake it 'n sing like 'lil miss obsession with an authentic confession in the inviolate rhythm of life bursting at the seams of what it all means, boom tink ... there are linguistic organisms, words that're alive in that they sound juicy when you say 'em out loud, when you sing 'em I mean ... they be alive like that with how your heart bends them in its swell and your hips drive the electrik's that gyre the thoughts of your many reflections...
 — AlchemiA

http://www.alchemiagame.com< /a>/ --> http://goo.gl/HK9z9
 — AlchemiA

-- sometimes it laughs to love, but sometimes it hurts instead --> http://goo.gl/F0QgD
 — AlchemiA

Always so full of love, Alch :)  You're refreshing!  12-15 are particulary lovely.
 — sybarite

LOVE this and you are, no doubt, one of the most tender men I will EVER know (and love.)  Shine that love lite, beautiful Alch!  :-)
 — starr

I`ve definitely been in want of attentiveness, from time to time I`ve tripped, and I`ve suffered the consequences of indecision before ... not only that but as a heart-based epiphanator many of these so-called trips landed me in the lap of a Goddess, a few times a God, or at least, feeling the bliss of love ...`` -- 'dystopian-grrl'
 — AlchemiA

you've always been an astrological songstress, alch.  a shaman, a medicine man, and a totem.  nice tune, nice to see you're inspired.  
 — jenakajoffer

ThankS jen, so continue to be my aMuse-meant: a truthy-ness lass -- I have continued to ride my BionX-bike 50 clk`s a day while going via beaches to UBC since last we view`d each others poetic-form, this cycling has become my norm...

feel good, great like a big breath of fresh-air rejuvenates me to the core, and I wanna`ride some more ...

I rode my bike up the mountain to the sky, 'n flew back down while wonderin' why, the Mountain dreams in streams rushing to the sea, where waves all gather but disagree, 'bout the many splendoured Sun's that're glittering 'round, 'n whether they're jewels the Mountain found...
 — AlchemiA

... we`re just a brief elaboration of a frequency that carries the tune like you `n me too: a sort-of solipsistic-pantheist move where we all have permission to repeat the infinitely intimate cycles of beauty...
 — AlchemiA

remember to glint -- when you're moved from wonder into awe, your eyes'll glitter with the beauty that you saw...
 — AlchemiA

"the irascible-mosquito is also born of water and transforms into an air-borne irritant ... nonetheless the Odanata, these flickering dragons, they'd twirl 'n wink in 'n out like light, and catch a mosquito in their mandibles, withoutta' fight, mid-flight." -- 'dystopian-grrl'
 — AlchemiA

i would like to be a damselfly
 — unknown

This is for my Sons and Daughters askant o'er the land: "In our legends and beliefs the "stone-people" held memories, impressions, which could be accessed by our brightest and most sensitive Shamans -- the crystal-stone has at its core a fractal-matrix which can hold information and then transmit this information, release it a given number of times, albeit decreasing in volume and magnitude over time - the piezo-electric effect and the basis of our CPU's, silicon the semi-conductor, in computers and of course the crystals in Radios, galena crystal (lead sulfide), for over-the-air communications ...

Here we've accessed their memories while telling their stories from Cosmic forces to the history of Man, bringing it to the life of the land -- we believe that the stone-people are sentinels of the land and with their memories they softly sing to our DNA-crystals - it takes several generations for the Land to change a People, then we begin to see these changes in our children as they tell us the old-stories they've heard in dreams and the music of the land translated from the whirl'd of wind and streams -- ultimately we are relations to the stone-people with their message of fire and ice...

All dirt is made from Mountains and Mountains are made from Fire and a Star exploded in ancient space for all this to transpire. So I'm DIRT you know, a stone slipping into clay, the language of Mountain written in the dust clinging to a tree! From dirt I come to Stars I'll return, through the fire aspiring inside this longing yearn to burn...a mote in the eye of God, toward a black-hole in the heart of space, where Higgy-dust gathers unseen from all over the place ..." -- AlchemiA to his Daughter, 'dystopian-Grrl'
 — AlchemiA

"...in the Hathayoga of integration which’d move as whirl'd’s inside of me
tantRa was always about dancing with my body-of-cycles
on a sweat-slippery field of red-ocher bliss
    kissing with the same kiss
with gravitas we don’t understand
and which’d leave waves of negative-space ellipsising
between us..." 'dystopian-Grrl' to her Father, AlchemiA
 — AlchemiA

" ...go forth and build in tune with nature and bent by your own will to beauty ... " -- AlchemiA to his Daughter, 'dystopian-Grrl'
 — AlchemiA

Hiawatha doth protest, profusely so. What a wads-worth wanking.  
 — OldShoe

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks." -- Queen Gertrude
 — unknown

"You're self-realized, however you've not realized everyone else yet." -- 'dystopian-grrl' to her father, AlchemiA
 — AlchemiA

"One cannot understand how it feels to get burned if you've never crossed fire." -- 'dystopian-grrl'
 — AlchemiA

ღஜ-♥ be alive like that with how your heart bends the whirl'd in its longing swell ♥-ஜღ
 — AlchemiA

ℒℴѵℯ is a dismantling of our miseries 'n meanings: then we'll reach beyond the fictions of our minds, beyond good 'n evil, even beyond space 'n time -- the Gods of Time in cycles go, a-round, a-bout, a-turning slow, re-turned again, they come, they go, there's time enough for ℒℴѵℯ you know -- ℒℴѵℯ is under-understood and often over done
 — AlchemiA

where'd three 1's come from???
 — AlchemiA

from the same troll that put four 10s on mine, Alch.

i suppose it thought it was some sort of reverse anti-rating. weird.
 — jenn