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"We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are." -- Anais Nin


beneath this slippery-veneer,
where authenticity is 'sincere,'
where Love is the core-need
of random 'friends' that come and go,
whether it's where you live
or any other place you show your face,
but this I know, that if you wanna' grow,
wanna' embrace that grace,
then you wanna' have friends
that feel out of pace
with your winning Master-Race,
and friends that show-up
broken and crying in your space,
and friends who are not just clones of you,
doing the same things you're compelled to do,
and friends that'll quietly take your hand
when you don't know what's going on,
and friends that'll give you a push
when you felt your life was done...
I remember the school yard,
where tribal approval ratings were the thing,
judged well if you wore the latest
and greatest 'bling,'
and then another compelling day
of whispered-opinion,
and you felt their snickering derision;
we sometimes have this need
to feel special and cool,
not just one of the herd,
one of the clan, and yet,
if you did not feel you belong,
you'd be longing to all along,
whether a woman or a man.
-- rather than looking-away,
we ought to be living like we're the first person
who ever dared to say,
'hey, it's OK, I'd of loved you anyway...'

20 Mar 13

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sweet poem. the quote from anais nin is beautiful in itself. i recently read a short story from germany and it reminds me of the premise of it that 'a lot that happens around us and to us is merely an echo of what is inside us'. although this can be debated to the nth degree, i still think it is a grand statment.
 — raskolniikov

thanks Raskol -- I wrote it for my 11 year-old niece -- she was going through a difficult time at a new school. She loved it and posted it on her Facebook page.
 — AlchemiA