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Stark Beauty

She walks in like a lustrous diamond
with her polished boots, refined smile
and a scandalous jaunt
about her personality
Confidence delivers itself
to her front door
in large quantities
of 90 per 12" package
Accompanying her is Rachel
on her strife for looks
what a sext up kid
the Lorax really is vulgar
Nothing's fresh
you're either fuckable or you're invisible
and our generation
needs more Tylenol

26 Mar 13

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is that why you love her? oh, you kiddo, kidding
 — unknown

What? I'm confused.
 — faith

are you confused about it or does she confuse you?
 — unknown

She confuses me.
 — faith

i read that you are infatuated. alluring is not always beautiful but try your luck. what is confusing when you don't specify your intention..
 — unknown

^^ alluring used as verb
 — unknown

i am not sure line 14 rings true. everybody is fuckable to somebody.
 — raskolniikov

@Unknown, I don't have an intention.
 — faith