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the urge-to-merge

it's age-old
-- where deep calls to deep --
to surrender as a drop into a sea of bliss,
which we feel as a rolling-swell
                             in the beloveds kiss --
the bliss of breaking through that barrier of self
to become all,
         beyond these filtering senses that call
                                      us to our inner daemons,
becoming the cosmic drunk with stars in our head
                                    and oceans deep in our eyes,
speechless with sympathies choking our throat, drowning in love 'cause there's no way to float...
ღஜ-♥ to be alive like that,
       with how our heart bends this whirl'd in its longing swell ♥-ஜღ

27 Mar 13

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Good job!
 — Isabelle5

thanx Is-a-belle -- an echo pining for narcissus
 — AlchemiA

echo pining for narcissus
you encounter your image
in the mean-time, dream-time
in her eyes looking clear
inside of his own reflection
reflected again, farther then,
yet, longing to be near

let’s be an echo of each other, Sister and Brother…
 — AlchemiA

yes, your creativity is pulsing with potential and your voice is trembling to be heard; sing oh sis-star, in the language of the Sea, where you’re a drop in it’s blessed-infinity — sing like the Indians with their bhagwan songs, which move-us with the numinous in the language of devotion, in the rhythm of a longing heart, swelling on the edge of forever with an ancient ache, yearning with the urge-to-merge into a whirl’d where you end and love begins …
Sing my dear-heart, oh sing
 — AlchemiA

your poetry is always a riddle that i love to read and decipher.
 — raskolniikov

interesting Raskolnikov -- Abu Mūsā Jābir ibn Hayyān (al-Barigi / al-Azdi / al-Kufi / al-Tusi / al-Sufi), often known simply as Geber, (Arabic: جابر بن حیان‎) (Persian: جابرحیان) (c.721–c.815) etymology of gibberish, in which arcane mixtures, or as Vida alluded with 'darkly grace mixtures," that were know to have transmuting principals were obfuscated in Poetic fugues -- when his sonics rose in ebullience, in the rhythms that were known to open a portal, his visage would glimmer between worlds ...
 — AlchemiA

'ὁδὸς ἄνω κάτω μία καὶ ὡυτή" -- "the way upward and the way downward is one and the same." -- from a fragment of Heraclitus
 — AlchemiA

Sometimes your poetry is a little bit.....

I dunno....

Maybe a little bit too much --

Not accessible by the ordinary.

Alc, Is that a question you need to address -- you write beautifully but maybe step outside


Thanks for the read,
 — fortuitous

Once you had a poem that said .....something, something, something "you have me sons"

I can't remember it now but I connected with it --- I'd love to read it again

 — fortuitous

 — fortuitous