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These years aren’t worth the hype.
Being a teenager is not worth the hype.
It isn’t like a movie.
It’s not like the tv shows.
There are no camera crews following us.
I didn’t get a script,
and I certainly won’t be getting paid.
There’s no producer to make sure that I land on my feet.
Hollywood has forgotten what these years really are.
Being a teenager is sewing needle piercings.
It’s permanent marker tattoos .
It’s his hands in mine
first date
scared as hell.
Being a teenager is late nights.
It’s huge fights.
Somehow you handle it all.
And when they tell you these are the best years of your life,
you say yeah right.
Being a teenager is the first time you skip a class.
It’s the first time you give your father sass.
It’s the last time you think you’re too old for him to beat your ass.
And it’s the first time you’re old enough to get kicked out.
Being a teenager is seeing your mom cry.
It’s the shame of knowing you caused it.
Being a teenager is hearing her say,
“you know, I really hate you sometimes”
It’s replying,
“me too”
Being a teenager isn’t Gossip Girl.
It isn’t a Katy Perry video.
Being a teenager is letting your best friend cut your hair.
It’s letting her hold you while you cry because your bangs point in ten directions.
Only the best friends will hold you afterwards.
Being a teenager is cutting off the legs of your jeans.
It’s learning how to deal when your mom can’t afford new summer clothes.
Being a teenager is scissors,
they are both tools and weapons,
And when your best friend cuts something other than hair or jeans,
take her scissors.
Being a teenager is taking.
Being a teenager is giving.
Because this is a battle.
For me
Against me
Within me
Being a teenager is having a toothbrush in one hand.
It’s your hair in the other .
Whispering, “one last time”
Being a teenager is having a razor in one hand.
It’s the tissue in your other.
Being a teenager is her hands in mine
first day of ninth grade
scared as hell
Being a teenager is fighting.
Being a teenager is surviving.
My high school is a battlefield.
And these scars are not my discharge papers,
they are medals of honor.
In ten years they will be a reminder
of when life was a little bit harder
Being a teenager is seven years of trenches.
It’s seven years of pain.
This war is not for the faint of heart.
Being a teenager is not for the faint of heart.

10 Apr 13

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Well penned Dorothy. Maybe you can make it shorter as it is slightly too long for me but its subject matter is cetainly something I can relate to remembering back to the days when I was in High School. Things don't change even from way back then. Bravo for writing this :)
 — Oblivion

being a teenager a short time ago makes for many reflections, done with a beat to complete with its inceptions, as you'd imagine that what your want is to do, is in truth invertendo. nonetheless, you could only tell with an enamoring feminine echo... kudos writer
 — AlchemiA

ღஜ-♥ we'd be alive like that, with how our hearts bend this whirl'd in their longing swell ♥-ஜღ -->  Sibelius- Jean: Concerto- 3Rd Movt
 — AlchemiA